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Brand New 2019 V2.0 Features

Unique Affiliate App: Price Comparison Engine V2.0

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Unique App | Live Price Comparison Engine | 7 Platform API | GEO Amz Link | Live Search & Profit | Full Store Build | Traffic Element | Stunning Store Theme

Join: Mark, Venkata & Prady on March 4th @ 11am EDT

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March 4th 2019



  • Monday, 4th March
  • 11am US: EST
  • 4pm UK: GMT
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The Original & 'ULTIMATE': 7 NETWORK Affiliate Store Builder with Live Price Comparison RETURNS

NOT a Version 2.0 for the sake of launching… eCompare 2.0 is a 'Major Upgrade' for 2019 containing Masses of New, Updated and Amazing Features...

About eCompare
In 2017 we released the cutting edge eCompare App & Theme… and it blew people away because it did what no other affiliate store builder could do… It enabled budding entrepreneurs and seasoned online marketers to offer their customers live price comparison from multiple networks in any niche.

And let’s face it… who isn’t looking for the best deal online?

eCompare was, and still is the only complete ‘affordable’ marketing solution to incorporate its own Price Comparison Engine. People have continued to build new affiliate price comparison hubs from the day ecompare launched right up to this very day (Yes we continued to sell & support ecompare).

And we could have left it there… but why not build on and improve something that works so well, why not add even more features, make it even more user friendly and give it an even slicker look… so we did.

  • 7 Platform API: eCompare 2 Integration with 7 of the top shopping platforms and builds up your site store with listing content, images, and reviews.
  • Global affiliate link embedded across the site. Get paid regardless of who your customer buys from or what they buy... even if they buy something unrelated from one of the partner sites
  • Store build from a keyword… built for targeted speed. Drop in your keyword and build your niche affiliate store with live search and price comparison
  • Customer & Platform review ability enabled to show social proof on your site. The more people engage on your site, the better.
  • Dynamic pricing (Any changes on shopping sites are reflected on your site automatically).
  • Professional, Slick "Attention Grabbing" Fully editable WordPress Theme... customise to fit any niche
  • Built In Blog (SEO)... Ability to add in Blog content to add even more staying power for your website and help you become an "Authority" site for your niche.
  • Easy to grab analytics One of the most important requirements for any system is to have the possibility of analysing it to assess its performance.
  • 90 Days cookie add to cart feature... 90 Days (instead of 24 hours) for customer to make an Amazon purchase so user makes more commission.
  • Custom post viral traffic module: Driving targeted traffic to your store is a crucial element that makes your store highly profitable. Hence, we have added the Social Viral traffic module
  • Infinite products… state of the art technology allows your customers to search all products from 7 top stores and compare them on users store
  • Auto Synching / Self-updating store - Ecompare 2 Store has been programmed to update itself without user intervention and be in sync with Amazon & other top sites.
  • And much more...
  • Price Comparison Engine A Purchasing-Customer Magnetic comparison shopping engine that will ethically force your customers to compare prices on YOUR site, and pick the best prices that suits them.
  • Related Products: Show related products on your pages, listings and blog, increasing total purchasing values
  • Featured Products and Sliders on your Online Store Front. Add featured products to sliders with 1-Click. Customise, edit or remove
  • Live search option for your customers, even if you the products are not on your site, you get paid if they buy!
  • DFY Privacy policy pages, so you don't have to worry about the legal mumbo-jumbo.
  • Instant Traffic Boost with our 1 Click SOCIAL SHARING on the top social media platforms benefiting user engagement and ramping up traffic and sales.
  • Amazon One Link… a feature which tracks the location of visiting customers and chooses the database of the specific country's Amazon sites to show appropriate results and it turn boosts sales.
  • Search Youtube post and post it as a blog post: You can search relevant youtube videos and post them as a blog post from back end.
  • Customer Wish list option… let your customers create wish lists, so you can collect more leads and make more sales
  • Price drop alert: Price drop alert if customer subscribed fro that alert. Automatic email will be sent to customer.
  • Real-time Discount finder This is the biggest feature that boost your store conversion to the roof.
  • Video Tutorials... How to set up, customise and get the most out of eCompare. We even cover the basics for Newbies

As you can see from the bullets listed above, we’ve gone all out with eCompare 2.0… everything listed above is included in the FE (and the list doesn’t cover everything). We truly believe eCompare 2.0 is the best affiliate store builder on the market bar none. We know it’s going to be huge, and we’d love you to be part of it!


There is nothing else like eCompare 2.0... You've seen comparison sites grow and grow, sites like PriceRunner, Kelkoo, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla and a host of others.

Their popularity is due to nothing more than the ability to hold on to their traffic by serving up the very thing those visitors are looking for... The Best Price, eCompare does that, and much more!

Watch this explainer video for more details.

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Proven and Tested High Profit Sales Funnel

This Set-Up Compliments the Main Offer All the Way Through so YOU Make Huge Commissions!

eCompare2 Core

eCompare: consisting of the following features

  • FE: Plugin + Theme + Training + Tutorials
  • Price Comparison Engine
  • 7 Platform API
  • Live Search & Profit
  • Reviews
  • Store builder
  • Built in Sliders
  • Full customization
  • Amazon 1 Link
  • Store build from keyword
  • Traffic module
  • +Plus much more

Install on 3 sites: Price starting at $22 - rising to $37 
Install on 10 sites: Price starting at $27 - rising to $47 

eCompare2  Agency

Starting price: $77

eCompare2 PRO

eCompare Pro: Includes the following additions

  • Unlimited use (Install on multiple sites / domains)
  • 3 Additional Store Themes
  • FB Compatible theme – (can be added as FB tab)
  • Built in Content spinner
  • Add your own review videos to listings
  • Email lead collection with multiple triggers

Starting price: $37

eCompare2 MASTER

eCompare Master: Includes the following additions

  • Set up and sell eCompare stores to customers
  • Set up stores for clients
  • Build Stores and Flip them for Big Money
  • Include eCompare package on all sites you sell to others or flipp
  • Flipping for Big Money (Video)

Starting price: $47

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Great Products – Easy to Sell – Huge Numbers – Solid ReciprocationThat’s why you should consider supporting us.

$4500 Contest

All prizes based on total sales value

Speed Contest: 36 Hours...

36 hour (Speed Contest) based on total sales value (Teams of 2 allowed)

I.e. Total gross revenue generated from all / any products in the funnel. The affiliate or team with the highest gross revenue will win the prize. Teams must be confirmed before contest begins.

You must make at least the prize money in commission otherwise your prize will equal the commissions paid.

Mid Contest SOLO: Next 48 Hours...

48 hour (Mid Contest) based on total sales value (Solo Results / No Teams Allowed)

I.e. Total gross revenue generated from all / any products in the funnel. The SOLO affiliate with the highest gross revenue will win the prize. No teams counted for mid contest

You must make at least the prize money in commission otherwise your prize will equal the commissions paid.

Closing Contest:

Closing Contest based on total sales value (Teams of 2 allowed)

I.e. Total gross revenue generated from all / any products in the funnel. The affiliate or team with the highest gross revenue will win the prize. Teams must be confirmed before contest begins.

You must make at least the prize money in commission otherwise your prize will equal the commissions paid.


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